Why you should start a trucker blog

ghbSo you’ve just started trucking and you want a hobby on the side that will help you release your creativity. Or maybe you’re already a seasoned trucker that wants to share what you’re up to with the world. Either way, trucker blogging is becoming more and more prominent in the digital age, so it’s a better time than ever to jump on the band wagon and start your own blog!

Provides on-the- job insight for trucker beginners

When you first started trucking, how many times did you wish you could read about the day-to- day experiences of a seasoned trucker? To know the ins and outs to get a real feel for the job? To know what lies ahead for you in 2 years? 10 years? Well now is your chance to help the new generation of truckers with your own wealth of knowledge. Even if you are a fledgling trucker yourself, now is a better time than ever to document your first year as it will be your deepest learning curving. Many gems will come up along your journey that will help truckers-to- be learn about what is ahead for them.

Show your travels

Being a trucker means you get to see a lot of interesting places while out on the road. A blog is your chance to share your travels with the rest of the world. Whether it’s a glorious sunset across a plantation, or a hearty truck-stop meal in a small country town, share your thoughts and photos of your experience with others through your blog, as it may just inspire some weekend road trips or even a blossoming trucker career.

Challenge stereotypes

Sharing your thoughts, ideas, and experiences may also help counteract the typical “Aussie Trucker” stereotype that most people have. Truckers cop a lot of flack, and usually the bad behaviour of one ruins it for the countless other good truckers out there. By sharing who you are, what you’re like, and letting your personality shine through, your readers will get to know who you are as a person, and what you do in your life beyond trucking. Well-known creator of Diary of a Truck Driver blog, Mat Dockerty, is a great example of this – he created the blog when he was both trucking and running his own IT business. His skills with both technology and trucking come out in abundance in his writing and his blog style – he even has a live dash cam on his blog that shows you where he is and what he’s up to in the truck!

A personal record for you to look back on

Sometimes when life gets ahead of you, it’s hard to make sure you are stopping to smell the roses once in a while. Posting regular updates on your blog about your day and what you’re up too (whether it’s short and sweet, or if it’s a 2000 word essay) can help create a record of memories for later, when you can look back and smile about the things you go up to. In a few years time, you can read your older posts and reminisce on the day you had to help out a fellow trucker with a broken down truck, or that morning you saw a herd of deer running across open plains at sunrise.

Friends and family can keep track of you

Another great reason to start up a blog is that your loved ones can see what you’re up to and be privy to your experiences. It can be more personal and detailed then a Facebook post, and it usually means that only people that are genuinely interested in you are making the effort to go onto your blog and read your content. No Facebook lurkers!

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