Students and Same Day Printing

454565As a student, procrastinating is a given. Despite the constant protests and promises of being proactive in the future, somehow all my textbooks every up in a pile in the corner until the left minute. Then I’m frantically leafing through them, trying to cram in my entire course information into a well written thesis that scrapes the word count. I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I’ve had, trying to comprehend the often confusing and tedious textbook paragraphs. Usually I give up and check Wikipedia or yahoo answers to be honest. I should focus on being more productive and being organized for the new year. That was actually my resolution but I end up putting off those things too.

The last minute, barely intelligible, slightly plagiarized paper is only the beginning of my worries. Trying to find a place that offers same day printing is a tough job. I remember one time, I tried to request the store print my (not too long, okay quite long) thesis, they gaped at me and shook their heads until I had left. Luckily I was able to find a place after a quick Google or I would’ve had to ask the professor for an extension. If you know my professor, you would not want to have to ask a guy like that for an extension. He’s kind of terrifying.

I’ve been very lucky to have handed in all my work on time so far. Honestly university can be very difficult to deal with. I know that I am fortunate to have had a chance at a higher education with the support of my parents. But the work is unbearable. Especially for someone who is always tired and prefers watching movies over having her head stuck in a textbook all day.

I have met so many people through the years in my course. Mostly from class and participating in the extra curricular clubs. My favourite would definitely have to be the wine tasting club. The visits to the wineries were definitely worth the 3 hour drives into the country. I learnt a lot about dessert wines and was about to appreciate their texture, despite actually hating the taste of wine usually. Book club and netball club was also pretty good, since the sports clubs actually made me exercise for once

But my point is that if you’re going to university anytime, make sure to be organized for the year before you start. Even though I was able to get away with it, it’s not worth the extra stress if you’re going to procrastinate. If you are, make sure you find a good printing place.