2dd6Where do you go after a hard workout? Where do you go after a stressful day at work? Where do you go in the morning for your revitalising wake up? Ultimately, your first and final destination are the same: your shower.

It really is amazing what a good shower can fix: in fact, the results of a good shower are supported by medical evidence.

When you sweat, as you do in a workout, you create an ideal habitat for some serious bacteria growth. These bacteria could be the cause of a whole host of unpleasant skin complaints that are best avoided through a good old shower. It’s not just dirt a shower can wash away, but the invisible coating of germs that daily activities, like public transport travel and a simple handshake with a colleague can expose us to.

But it’s important to understand that showers can be these dirty spaces, too. You cannot effectively wash away your troubles in an ineffective shower.  You need to get it right: If you spend all your shower time fiddling with slippery, decaying or difficult to use knobs, you won’t get the wash you need. Same goes for if you end up in a wrestling match with a mouldy shower curtain or a tiny shower rose that spurts infrequent splashes of water.

It’s crucial not just to shower, but to have a good shower. Whether it’s a handheld shower-head, a ceiling mounted fitting, or a wall mounted fixture, Phoenix has a shower system to fit your individual style needs. Give back to your shower, after all, it is where some of us have our best ideas!

Wall-mounted shower fittings are a classic choice, providing a sturdy and easy-to-clean attachment that runs along traditional lines.

Ceiling mounted shower-heads are great for creating a modern look with a higher clearance. Standing in the shower with your eyes closed, you would be forgiven for mistaking their feel for tropic rainfall.

Handheld shower-heads are excellent for the hard to reach locations. Phoenix also offers a combination of mounted and handheld fixtures, to support both fixed and flexible preferences, such as those from our Rush, Vivid, Lexi and Mia ranges.

It’s important that your shower taps and heads to match your needs and your space. if you need help with your decision, send us an enquiry, or locate one of our stockists in your area.