Eating Seafood Raw or Cooked

Some of the world’s seafood delicacies thrive on the sheer fact that they are served raw and fresh. But other than the expensive price tag, is there really any value added when a chef withholds the cooking process? Here are some thoughts on the debate between eating seafood raw or cooked.

Raw Seafood Pros

A particular characteristic of raw seafood is its tender texture of meat. It is never too dry or too tough to bite into. Moreover, seafood lovers can truly appreciate the freshness of the produce through its natural ocean fragrance. For health enthusiasts, one could benefit from minimal altercations of essential nutrients that occur naturally in seafood, and absorb the most of it when consuming seafood.

Raw Seafood Cons

There is a real risk of foodborne illness when raw seafood is not prepared carefully, food poisoning is not fun for anyone. That is why when you are buying seafood for raw consumption; you need to buy it fresh and from a reputable seafood wholesalerseafood market wholesaler. Vendors of high quality seafood markets ensure that seafood is prepared properly at a clean and tempered premise, and only serve fresh produce. Another way to minimise risk of food poisoning is to freeze frozen seafood before preparing them for raw consumption, as freezing can kill some of the harmful parasites that can cause illness. You should also be aware that some seafood species can be dangerous when enjoyed raw.

Cooked Seafood Pros

Cooking seafood can be a lot of fun. You can add your own twist and flavours to the dish that can enhance the meat, or even disguise it. You also get to enjoy the seafood at a warmer temperature, as opposed to cool and straight out of the fridge in the case of raw seafood.

Cooked Seafood Cons

Cooking the meat will drastically change the texture of the seafood and will vary depending on how you cook it. Whether this is a ‘pro’ or a ‘con’ will differ between seafood lovers. If you are able to retain moisture, such as through steaming seafood, you may find the meat denser, and breaks apart quite definably. For fried seafood, the meat is tougher and can dry out easier. Also, as is the case of cooking any organic foods, some of the nutrition can be lost through the cooking process.

But at the end of the day, seafood is still a great source of nutrients for mental development and physical health. You can benefit from a decent inclusion of seafood in your diet and also explore different types of seafood as well. If you are a rookie in eating raw seafood, you can try popular inclusions in sushi such as salmon, tuna and kingfish. For more bold options, try a fresh oyster, scallop or prawns. Just be sure that you are buying it from the best seafood suppliers in town.