Cremation ash ideas

azMore and more Australians are opting for cremation rather than the traditional burial, due to the overall cost, and the decreasing amount of available land to bury their loved ones.

If you think cremation is a viable option for you or your loved one, now is a better time than ever to plan on what to with the ashes.

There are many ways that you can add an intimate and personal touch to the funeral ceremony (or the days following it) with this step, which will allow for all loved ones and direct family members involved to truly be a part of their loved one’s final farewell.


The most popular choice for most people who have opted for cremation, scattering is a versatile choice that can cater for different personalities. Did your loved one like to swim at the beach? You can scatter their ashes in the ocean. Were they fans of wine? You can find a vineyard that is happy to let you scatter your loved one’s ashes under the grape vines. Did your loved one have an adventurous spirit? You can honour that aspect of them by scattering their ashes off an airplane. Before scattering any ashes, make sure you are following the law as there are strict guidelines on where you can and can’t scatter, and how you can obtain permission to do so if that option is possible.


You can still organise with the funeral home to have the cremation ashes buried if you feel like this is the best option. Burying ashes cost considerably less than burying a coffin or casket, and it will still allow for a central final resting place where all the family members can visit when it is suitable to them.


This is a good option if you would like to keep the cremated ashes in an urn, but would like it to be stored in a central and public place where other members of your loved one’s family can visit them. A columbarium is a public storage building, with urns displayed in compartments, much like shelves or pigeon holes.

At home

If you prefer to keep your loved one closer to home, you can opt to display the urn inside the house, bury the urn in the garden, or scatter the ashes outside. You can personalise the urn by choosing something the reflects your loved one’s personality.

Grow into a tree

There are many urn brands out there that specialise in having ashes buried with a sapling or seed, which then grows into a tree. It is a sentimental way to see your loved one “give life” and complete the cycle of life.

Launch into space

If it was one of your loved one’s dreams to space travel, this option would be a great way to honour that wish. Companies like Celestis and Heavenly Journeys provide services where a symbolic portion of your loved one’s ashes can be launched into space, where they will orbit for a period of time before returning to the earth’s atmosphere and combusting, creating something similar to a shooting star.

Become a coral reef

If your loved one was an environmentalist, or had a love for marine life and the ocean, then give them the gift of becoming a vital part of the ocean’s ecosystem. Eternal Reefs take your loved ones ashes and mix it with cement to create environmentally friendly structures for marine life to live in, which eventually encourages coral to form over the top, resulting in a growing, thriving reef. There are many other creative and interesting ways to bid a final farewell to your loved one, from ashes used to create fireworks, getting the ashes tattooed onto your skin, having the ashes turned into a vinyl record, hourglass, diamond, painting, hand-blown or stained glass, or even bullets. You can even opt to have ashes stored in memorial jewellery so that you can carry the memory of your loved one everywhere you go. The options are endless!

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If you opt for a cremation , you can opt for a service in your chosen church with a short committal service at the crematorium. Alternatively, the whole service can be held at the crematorium, or somewhere else entirely – with no service at the crematorium.